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Welcome to

Arts Sans Frontieres

An international Danish-English-French art foundation

exhibition in Elne, France Arts for Peace is a new project created by www.Artfoundation.org.uk , ( Arts Sans Frontieres ), aimed at promoting world wide peace by enhancing cross-cultural understanding through the arts. The Artfoundation's more general aims are to assist and promote promising artists world wide, and the "Arts for Peace" project has more speficic objectives. .... Please return to this website for more details as the project progresses!

We currently invite artists from all corners of the world to exhibit at our art house in the South of France as well as online, and to participate in our art courses and tours in the scenic Pyrenees. If you are an artist, or you can recommend one, you are welcome to email us for further details. We would also like to hear from those interested in sponsoring an artist!

We are seeking volunteers to assist us with new Arts-for-Peace.com projects, online as well as in the real world. Please email us if you are interested. Email. Visting local artists in Guilin, China

Selection of artsites:

  • The Saatchi Gallery - Contemporary art in London
  • Cy Wadia, India, at Saatchi
  • Coralie Johansen's artsite
  • Martin N. Johansen, ExplorerImages.com
  • Zhao Wen Hua, Liu Wen Xing, Zhang Cheng China
  • Jytte Buhl's Artsite
  • Suzanne Wilson's Artsite allthingsart-150 (5K)
  • Mary Jose's Artsite
  • Roger Larsen's Artsite
  • Annika Skattum's website
  • Mingo and Gunders Artsite
    Sponsor links:
  • Art-Galore.com - buy paintings and prints here to sponsor Arts for Peace
  • Virtual Pose - the virtual life drawing studio of the 21st Century
  • Studio Arts - Online Art Lessons with Bennecelli
  • How to make a living as an artist. Click here!
  • Vintage Art posters and prints

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